Monday, December 17, 2007

My city

Millesinge. I'm not sure what will happen with this but each time someone visits my population goes up! So go visit and let's see what happens! check it out!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's official now

The results are in, I did better than I thought. 16 seconds better. ; ) 31:44. I can do better and I will do better. Just watch me!

Here's a picture of the mighty racing girls in the car on that blustery morning. (stolen from jenny)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

it's not official

Friday night I went to the Century Ballroom to see Wayne Hancock and do some dancing. Turned out to be a fabulous night for me as I was the only girl in my group of dancing friends! I two-stepped, jived and east coast swung until about 12:30. Oh I also spoke a little French. Got home about 1, woke up at 7 and made it down to Jenny's in federal Way by 8:30am Sat. morning.

It was a cold morning but at least the sun was shining! We drove down to Kent, pinned on our numbers and rushed back to the car to preserve a little heat. I could not fathom taking off my winter jacket and going back into that cold to wait at the starting line. Yes, Sat. was the day of my first 5k.

I'm not sure how I feel about races. There were so many people on that one little trail. I couldn't keep up with Jenny. That girl has a need for speed and she found it! So I was alone and assumed that eventually things would even out and someone would automatically become my running partner. Not so much.

We ran along the Green River and the blackberry bushes along the banks had a straight line of mud from where the river was several feet higher just a few days ago. Huge earth worms littered the path. Most had already been stepped on but one was stretched out to almost a foot long. I had to turn around and save it. I couldn't bear the thought of someone's heartless foot coming down on it.

It was shortly after the worm save that I decided to walk. The trail seemed to go on forever and without knowing where the end was I couldn't keep my legs moving. I had no watch so I couldn't tell you how long I walked for but I don't think it was too long at all.

When the end was in sight, I felt my strides get longer and I passed by a few folks. I saw Jenny rounding the corner to get a spot where she could cheer me on. (Thanks Jen!)

My legs are sore today. I don't remember the last time my legs were sore for running. Even when Phil and I went four miles over Thanksgiving they didn't feel like this. It's a good sore though and it means I ran had and I feel less bad about walking. It also shows what great shape that Jenny is in! Holy crap, girl!

It's not official but I think I came in at about 32 minutes.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nature is so amazing!

Disclaimer: I do not want people to get hurt or for their property to be damaged, but nature is AMAZING!

Seattle was just hit with over 5" of rain over the past couple of days. We are used to rain, yes, but not quite like this. Our soils have not developed over thousands of years to regularly absorb this kind of water. Flooding is natural, however. That is why we have such fertile areas like the Auburn Valley and fields of tulips up north. When the river spilled over its banks, historically, it would displace nutrient rich silt we still enjoy today.

Over the past two hundred years (give or take) we have cut forests, paved land, drained wetlands and straightened streams. No one can argue that these practices have altered the natural flood regime. We try so hard to control nature that when an event like this occurs, I cannot help but cheer nature on! "Lay your silt! Gouge those river banks! Find your own way!"

I am sorry for those who are facing injuries and damages to their property.

Monday, November 19, 2007


They look like ginger, cook like a potato and taste like a yummy! This new veggie came in my CSA box this week. I put it in a barley soup with potatoes, carrots, broccoli and my favorite secret bullion. They are so tasty!! Some say they taste like artichokes..I don't know about that, but I like 'em!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I really hope someone out there is readin this..

I just came across a hilarious link!! It asks what a powerpoint presentation would have looked like if Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address today! It's awesome. : )

Saturday, November 17, 2007

this is a lie

cash advance

Get a Cash Advance

Want to see my underpants?

I had mentioned I ripped apart one of my favorite pairs of underpants. Well, today I made the pattern and sewed up a pair! I used an old staff shirt from when I was a naturalist for the Girl Scouts. I thought the pink thread would be cute but now I"m wishing I had used something that matched better. Oh well. The best part is I"m wearing them right now! ; )

Friday, November 16, 2007

confidence booster

40 year old men love me. And it's more fun when they're hot!

Now if only they were closer to 30 year old men....sigh.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

100th post, 100th monkey has 100 things to say

I had such a fun time last night at book club chez Jenny! I got to meet new girls and chat with two friends I don't see nearly enough! Unfortunately, I bought my book for book club new and so I need to decide what to do with it now. I was joking when I suggested this, but now I think I might do it! You know how you get dollar bills that people try to track across the country? Well this is a way to track your book. You just leave it somewhere and hope someone logs in its location. It's a way to share your books so others don't consume more AND a fun experiment! Now where should I leave mine? In Ballard or on the airplane?

I didn't exercise for an entire week. I will go today, after I digest these three donuts.

I turned on the heat in my bedroom for ten minutes last night. It felt luxurious. It's 59 degrees in my living room and I need to go study, I'm tempted to turn it on out there for a little while to take the chill off. I don't know why I feel so guilty using heat.

I got my zen stone plus. It's bigger than a Shuffle, I learned that last night but I heart it still!

Oh AND Jenny gave me four knitted squares, my sister left one before she left a few weeks ago and my mother's coworker gave me 8 crocheted squares. YAY! Getting closer to being able to put this together!

I have learned that early elementary is not the place for me. I do not deal well with boogers and wet pants. OMG, please don't touch me with those hands! It was awful.

I just ripped the seams out of a favorite pair of underpants that were nearing the trash. I'm going to copy the pattern and try to make a new pair. And I JUST put away my sewing machine. Sigh.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Five out of six

I ran allllll the way around GL (plus my .2 to make it an even 3 miles) without even my water break. Then I did some more.

All in all I ran about five miles out of six (including warm up and cool down). It took freakin' forever. This is the first time my legs have told me to stop before my heart and lungs did. woot!

Friday, November 02, 2007


An orchid inflorescence is called a spike. I bought this orchid 3.5 years ago after my grandpa died and this is the first time it's starting to spike! This is NOT a good picture, my camera isn't good with the upclose-iness, but you can see it's there!

Here is a picture of what the original spike looked like.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shiver me timbers!

It is Nov. 1st! I can now give myself permission to turn the heat on. I am going to continue trying my damnedest not to, though. I refuse to turn on the heat unless it drops below 60 and then I only heat up to 65. Lots of layers!

Check out Crunchy Chicken's blog! She has challenged people to lower their heat this season and over 80 people have accepted the challenge! One person has pledged not to turn on the heat at all....damn I hope that person lives in Florida!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I just found 6 mystery squares in my apartment! I think they came via my roommate who still works at my old job and I have a coworker there whipping them up like crazy! She's donated 14 crocheted squares!

My current count is:
Crocheted: 28
Knitted: 30

I can probably make one twin sized afghan if I combined them. Otherwise I'm about halfway on both. Admittedly, I've been slacking on making them too. I need to pick up my hook and needles!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

want vs. need

We live in such a disposable society that we often forget what's really important for our survival: food, water, shelter and clean air. So we eat Twinkies, drink bottled water, build McMansions and drive cars that pollute our air.

I really want an Ipod Shuffle. I know I don't need one, but hot damn they're cute and I get so bored running! I also don't have the 70 some dollars to spend on one. So give me the strength to resist...or wait until someone gets me one for Christmas.

dammit, and now I want a Twinkie.

Monday, October 29, 2007

harder better faster stronger

So I went to Greenlake this afternoon after much procrastination. I clocked with my car the extra .2 miles I would need to make the tour de Greenlake 3 full miles. I did 3 miles in 31 minutes including my stop for a drink of water and perpendicular walk to let the water settle.

But then you know what happened? I kept running. I did 4.2 miles and RAN 4 of those miles! RAN! That doesn't include warm up and cool down either! HOLY CRAP! All in all 4.6 miles in about 50 minutes.

I almost cried when I crossed the 3 mile mark and again when I hit the four mile mark. In fact, when I hit the four mile marker (GL has quarter mile markers I just noticed today) I jumped on it, startling the woman behind me. HAHA!

That's right Jenny, I'm coming for you! ; )

Friday, October 26, 2007

time for a new plan

I started a new weight plan today and decided to up my cardio too. I know when I run I have a hard time surpassing my goals so today I decided to go past the usual 30-some minutes to make sure I got 3 miles in plus some cool down. Yes, today I went 45 minutes and over 4 miles. I'm hoping this will help me actually run the three miles without always having to walk. I'm pretty sure it's all in my head and that I CAN run 3 miles but I just get so bored....

Anyway, I'm lying on my floor exhausted and I don't know if between the extended run and the new weights if I"m going to be able to do my Sat. run but I"ll try.
I'm not sure how it got there...and it's doing better than the sprout I planted in a pot. It even has flowers. If only I had as much persistence as this plant does.....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I did it!

I just ran around Greenlake! I stopped once to talk to some friends for literally a minute and then got to the other side of the lake and got a drink of water and walked the opposite way for like two minutes so I didn't jiggle and slosh around.

They say Greenlake is 2.9 miles and I did my best to run in the middle of the path because I'm not sure where they take that measurement. I also ran past my starting point and then back to my car so I could feel good about saying that I ran 3 miles. OUTSIDE even! With hills and weather (was that sun blinding today or what?!) 3 miles and 35 minutes not including warm up and cool down. And I think I could've gone longer! I'm good at achieving my goals, but not at surpassing them.

I'm so excited!

*edit* It's 2.8 miles around Greenlake. I also thought that when they said the outer path was 3.2 miles that they meant the outside of the regular path but I just did the math to figure out that no, the 13.5' path is not wide enough to make that much of a difference. That's right, I sat here and literally did the math, I can even show my work! Still, since I ran past my starting point and then back to my car I think I was pretty close to that 3 mile mark and next time I'll go even farther.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Get a grip!

Another awesome friend came with me to buy tires today! He walked in, spouted off some numbers and now I have shiny new tires that smell like grape. I got 80,000 miles off my factory tires and hopefully I'll get that much off of these new tires especially since now I know how often to rotate them! (far more often than once in 5.5 years!)

Enviro conscious professors

Two of my professors have declared they'd much rather do things online than collect hard copies because they'd rather not waste paper. It was difficult not to shout out for joy!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Friends or How to Meet Boys

On my way to class today I noticed that my car tire was ripping apart. Yeah, I drove on it anyway. I was supposed to go dancing tonight after class but I figured maybe I shouldn't drive on it anymore than I had to so I called my friend to cancel. What'd he do? Turned around and came to campus and changed my tire for me. Then followed me to the gas station to make sure I had air in all my tires, followed me to my house to drop off my car and drove me to the show. I couldn't be any more thankful!!

While I was waiting for him to arrive I dug out my spare and jack and hung out in the parking lot. Several cute boys stopped to make sure I was ok and ask if I needed help!! I had no idea that was all I needed to do to meet boys!

Also, the show was one of the most fun nights I've had in a while. Really good friends, laughing, chatting...way fun. : )

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

one question

who is teaching these kids to behave? A visitor to a classroom should NOT have to work this hard nor should they have to be criticized for not getting all the information in when they were spending all their time managing someone else's class.

My future classroom will be in so much trouble if they ever behave the way these kids behaved today.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

running outdoors

Good idea: going for a jog on a nice autumn evening. Bad idea: going for a run on a nice autumn evening directly after eating three pilsbury cinamon rolls and drinking a pepsi.

20 minutes got me 1.91 miles which unfortunately included two walked blocks and my block and a half cool down. At the gym, on the treadmill, 30 minutes including my walk breaks gets me about 3 miles. So funny that it can make such a difference...

Next time I'll rethink the order of my treats and exercise.

Ballard looks so flat in a car....

Friday, October 05, 2007

wooo hoooo!

Feeling better, I went to the gym today. Today was my Friday run and I was able to run for twenty minutes straight! Then I walked for three and ran for four more minutes! That means I'm running about 2.5 miles. That's so close to 5k! But it's on a soon I'll have to try my hand at Greenlake where there are weather and hills.

Also, I rode my bike to the gym even though I'm done tallying for the season. I dread having to drive and park in the rain. I may have to determine if it's worth it to buy rain gear to wear for five minutes, change out of, get sweaty at the gym and then put back on to wear home. That just doesn't sound worth it to me. Then it's going to be cold and dark and unsafe. sigh.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sept. Tally/ Six Months

Well, the rain has set in. When I started this I didn't even realize that there would be exactly six months of bike riding weather. Seattle's great like that.

Here are my results

Lbs. CO2 Saved: 21.2
Miles Biked: 12.8

Six months
Lbs. CO2 Saved: 128.7
Miles Biked: 79.1

My goal shifted to try and save my weight in CO2. I won't say if I made that goal or not, but I think that should be a challenge for next year. If we each did even that much, that adds up!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nights 2 and 3: Rockabilly Ball 2007

I have to say, I'm rather disappointed. The line up this year just wasn't very good. I really feel the whole thing has gone downhill. Yeah, I danced but I wasn't inspired to. There just wasn't anything else to do. I want to see bands like Cari Lee and the Saddle-ites, Marti Brom, Carlos and the Bandidos....real rockabilly...not this stuff people are calling psychobilly (which isn't even that, it's just bad punk with an upright bass).

I did make a new dress on Friday. I LOVE how it turned out. I used stash fabric and a pattern I already had so I only bought a zipper and hook & eyes. I didn't get any compliments on it though. Seriously, none. I don't know what that was about. I did not wear the tan dress pictured below but instead the turquoise early 60's one. It was a matter of placement of the darts and how they appeared under my sweater. mmhmm.

Hopefully I will get pictures from friends soon.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Night 1: Rockabilly Ball 2007

High on coffee and cold medicine I made it to the very end of last night's show. And I danced danced danced! A friend of mine is home from Australia on holiday and I couldn't be more excited! Unfortunately, he brought a girl with him so I couldn't fawn over him as much as I wanted.

"But what did she wear?!" you ask. I don't have any pictures, but others do so I may post one later. I pulled a dress out of my closet I have never worn but made out of a vintage pattern and fabric that was donated to me. I think I made this dress five years ago. It's navy blue with white flowers and white rick rack outlining the neckline, sleeves and gores. I got many compliments on it and some thought it was real vintage.

I might make another dress today and tomorrow for tomorrow night. We'll see.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Enviro Crazy

Today I met a 7th grade girl who told me that she doesn't waste a lot of water washing dishes because she mainly uses paper plates. I was stunned to silence. We were talking about water conservation and I wasn't in a good place to take that teachable moment.

The worse part...I wasn't surprised. It fit the stereotype that I had put on her. To me she looked like the type of kid who was popular, maybe didn't do well in school even though she had potential and whose parents weren't all that involved. Those are the parents who would rather buy paper plates so they don't need to do more work.

I had my first class tonight. 3.5 hours in the same classroom. Do you know how long it was 7:30? AGES! Plus I'm fighting a cold so all I wanted to do was sleep. We are able to eat in class and I had brought an orange...after I finished I put my peal in my paper bag to take home to my worms. I almost called out to a girl looking for a trash can for her apple core but I didn't know her name. Then there was the woman with a paper plate, a paper towel and something else compostable. I might start bringing a bag for people to leave their compostables in. Only problem is my household is running seriously low on paper bags and I can't afford Biobags right now.

I'll have to figure something out.

Friday, September 21, 2007


After three bowls of broccoli cheddar soup with bread and all the other crap I've been eating this week I've decided my body must be trying to put on some insulation with the cold weather setting in. I've also been pretty adamant that going to the gym doesn't do anything for my physique. I'm there for my cholesterol anyway. (I like cheese, and sour cream, and butter and..)

Well tonight I decided to look at what dresses I have available to wear to the Rockabilly Ball. Since my heart seems to finally be free for the taking I'd like to look hot and do some flirting. Tonight, I decided to try on this really hot 1960's vintage number I got last Fall. The Great Depression occurred last Spring and Summer so I was pretty thin when I got this dress and the last time I put it on my hips were pushing its limits.

I slipped it on anyway. My hips turned freely! In fact, the dress was a little big!! It even came off over my hips instead of over my head.

Encouraged I tried on another vintage one (late 50's?) that rarely comes out of the closet. Ziiiiip! The pleats aren't even stretched out!! Oh I know what I'm least one of the nights!

Here's a picture of that dress from about 4.5 years ago. (yes, my part was hot pink)


I got my second CSA box yesterday. I love fall if simply for the pears. We doubled our order of pears and gave up chard.

They also sent me a recipe for broccoli cheddar soup. All of the veggies I needed were in my box, I just supplied myself the bullion cubes and cheese. It turned out so good! I really want to hug them! Too bad we missed the party last weekend..I could have had the opportunity!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I went home to my parents' this weekend and was surprised by 17 knitted squares!! Keep 'em coming folks! I'm starting to worry!

Mom also knitted me a sweater she claimed was too hard for her and wouldn't be able to make! It fits perfectly and is knitted to perfection. Lime green...and I think it will look smashing with dark brown pants!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One less bell to answer

Many things changing in the bluebird household. New job, school starting soon, new's a whirlwind indeed.

My new job requires me to drive a lot, but I will be teaching about conservation.... My books have been ordered and they are mostly used.... And I refuse to cry anymore so I won't waste anymore tissues.

So there you go...and here comes Fall.

*Edit* I suppose I should have used my hankies. I also find I am saving energy by not being able to listen to music. There's always a silver lining...or something.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First CSA box!

My box from Full Circle Farm arrived today! As I carried it to and from my car I was giddy with excitement to see the goodies. Every step released a whiff of basil and the smell of the farm. This is a picture of a few of the delights: I think that's a honeydew, Japanese eggplant, sweet peppers and pluots. I'm drooling over the color of the eggplant. But I have no idea what to do with it! Any suggestions? Crunch? I also have basil, red leaf lettuce, corn, zukes, cukes, potatoes, yellow taxi tomatoes, peaches...that might be it. mmmm

I immediately started tearing apart the lettuce, mostly because it wouldn't fit in my fridge other wise, and made a salad with yellow taxi tomatoes, cucumber, vine tomatoes and a chik patty. Oh, I also tore up some basil on a added a fantastic little kick! Best meal I've made in a long time!

Crabby Sweater

This is my newest refashion. Originally, a pull over sweater that was ill fitting and too short, I cut it up the middle, bound it with bias tape and embroidered a crab and a sea horse on the front. I'm contemplating putting a nudibranch on the back shoulder. I'm also on the fence about putting buttons or not. I like the simplicity of it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Beth sent me two BEAUTIFUL knitted squares in the mail the other day! She also mailed them in a reused envelope because she's awesome! : )

Thanks Beth!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aug. Tally

Assuming 1lb of CO2 is released for every mile driven (using a car that gets 20mpg) here are my results for Aug:

LBS CO2 saved: 8.4
Miles Biked: 8.4

Total for five months:
LBS CO2 Saved: 107.5
Miles Biked: 67.9

I don't think these numbers are right. I know I went to the gym more than that and only drove once. Maybe it's time to take down the tally if I'm going to forget to log it....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Goats of a chance!

SWOON! UW is doing something I can be proud of! They have hired goats to help weed English ivy and Himalayan blackberry.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Community Supported Agriculture

I did it! I joined a CSA! I settled for Full Circle Farm located in Carnation, Washington. I can't tell you how fabulous it is until I get my first box on Sept. 6th but I couldn't wait to tell you!!

For those of you who are not familiar with CSAs, these local farms deliver organic produce to your door or a local drop off location weekly. I selected the small box for $29 that my roommate and I will share. I also chose to have it delievered every other week since we have a tendency to forget we have produce. Oh! Also, they'll include recipes! How fun!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

American Life

I'm disgusted at the moment. I'm just so over American lifestyle. I know I just went out and bought some Tide. I was trying to be good and use good soap but what's a girl to do when even a boy thinks her clean laundry stinks?

Anyway, I just think we're disgusting. Americans, I mean. Why are there so many disposable products on the market? Why does every web ad and every fifth junk mail I get have to do with quick fix weight loss? Why did I drive across town to get a Top Pot Donut? Oh right, because they're delicious and everyone needs an occasional treat. We got for-here cups and plates.

Over donuts I heard horror stories about how horribly foster kids and pets are often treated. That doesn't really have to do with Americans in general, just sick sick people.

So yeah. I'm just kind of down. I'm the type who just wants to be able to fix things and when I can't I get pretty depressed. But that often leads me to take action....maybe I'll see if I have more yarn in my stash to make more granny squares. That will at least make me happy that I might be able to keep one person warm.

Stinky Laundry

I have been using 7th Generation laundry detergent for the past year and haven't had any complaints until recently. I have some laundry that just will not become unstinky. The problem is, I don't know how they got stinky in the first place. I especially notice it with my pajama tops. One was just AWFUL so I washed it again. I even tossed it to my roommate (a BOY!) and he recoiled in disgust.

So today I'm going to the store and buying me some Tide. I'll get liquid, of course, so that it's phosphate free. I just feel horrid about it but I just cannot go through life wondering if I'm stinky and have just gotten used to it. I'll start with a small bottle just in case it's not the 7th Generation's fault.

In case you're wondering what kind of stink it smells like they've been in a box for a really long time but stronger and worse.

Monday, August 13, 2007


This looks like it's turning into a craft blog. The theme is tied, really. Reusing, refashioning . . . it's all about saving energy and garbage out of landfills.

I made three and a half more squares this weekend. That equals two mostly used skeins that were filling up my yarn drawer that had no other use. Yay for cleaning!

I'm really excited about the support I've gotten so far. Several people have offered to knit squares. For others interested in knitting instead of crochet, I'm going to let you use your own creativity for the pattern. The only pattern I'd suggest staying away from is ribbing because of the stretchiness.

I should start a list a la Crunch on the side of those interested so I can keep track. : )

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crochet pattern

Excuse the optical illusion, they are the same size.

This will be the pattern for the crocheted afghan. I stole the pattern from 63 East-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches.

Using an H-hook and worsted weight yarn, please make sure your unblocked square measures 6 inches.

Chain 8, join with slip to form a ring.
RND 1: Work beginning Cluster as follows: chain 3, (YO, insert hook in ring and pull up a loop, YO and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice, YO and draw through all 3 loops on hook (beginning Cluster made), ch 5, work Cluster in ring as follows: (YO, insert hook in ring and pull up a loop, YO and draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times, YO and draw through all 4 loops on hook (Cluster made), ch 2, *work (Cluster, ch 5, Cluster) in ring, ch2; repeat from * 2 times more; join with slip st. to top of beginning Cluster: 8 clusters.

RND 2: Slip st in first ch-5, work (beginning Cluster, ch 3, Cluster) in same sp, ch 2, 3 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 2, *work (Cluster, ch 3, Cluster) in next ch-5 sp, ch 2, 3 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 2; repatet from * around; join with slip st to top of beginning Cluster.

RND 3: Slip st in first ch-3 sp, work (beginning Cluster, ch 3, Cluster) in same sp, ch 2, 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 2, *work (Cluster, ch 3, Cluster) in next ch-3 sp, ch 2, 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 2; repeat from * around; join with slip st to top of beginning Cluster.

RND 4-5: slip st in first ch-3 sp, work (beginning Cluster, ch 3, Cluster) in same sp, ch 2, 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, dc in each dc across to next ch-2 sp, 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 2, *work (Cluster, ch 3, Cluster) in next ch-3 sp, ch 2, work 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, dc in each dc across to next ch-2 sp, 2 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 2, repeat from * around; join with slip st to top of beginning Cluster.

RND 6: Slip st in first ch-3 sp, ch 1, 3 sc, sc in every stitch to next corner (about 21 st), 3 sc in corner. Continue around, slip st. in top of first sc and finish off.

crocheters, knitters, do gooders

Dear friends, stalkers, and lurkers,

I need your help. Many of us have scrap yarn lying around. Why not put it to use? I am asking folks to help me make an afghan out of granny squares to be donated to Treehouse or a local Seattle homeless shelter.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to knit or crochet! And I am not asking you to purchase yarn but to use what you, or a friend, has lying around the house.

Please let me know if you are interested. I have to run to the gym now, but this afternoon I plan on settling on patterns and final instructions.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I'm thinking about joining a CSA. There are a couple different ones in Seattle area. I love the idea of having fresh, local and organic produce being delivered (or picked up by me) each week for only $30 for two people. They also include recipes to use some of the stuff. Because I have no idea what crookneck squash is.

Anybody have an experience with these?

Monday, August 06, 2007

and I ran...I ran so far away...

So my dear, sweet, and true friend, Jenny, has suggested I run the St. Paddy's Day Dash with her. I tentatively agreed. You see, for some reason I can do aerobics, I can eliptical, I can ride a stationary bike...but I can't run. I especially can't run outside.

Today I got on the treadmill. I think it's a dnyamo...although I just looked that up and maybe it's not. I know the elipitcals run on human power at least. Look people, I'm just trying to relate this post to my conservation focused blog, ok?

Anyway, I walked two minutes and then jogged five or six for about 32 minutes. Only made 2.77 miles. A little short of the 3.1 miles of the dash. But i guess that's why we're training early! The next step, of course, will be to see if I can run outside. Why is it so different? Maybe once I'm running the full 3 miles w/o walking I'll take my skills to Greenlake.

And now I'm ravenous! I can't stop eating! damn exercise.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

new pictures same dress

I took some action shots of my dress today. I look really pale . . .

Also, I made pants! They were my practice pants and I made them! I got the pattern from JoAnn's for 1.99 and the fabric I had just sitting in a drawer. I tried to take pictures but they weren't coming out very flattering. Hopefully, the pants look better in real life.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I will participate

Surly Spice tagged me, here's the deal:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

So... 8 random facts about me:

I'm scared to speak French to French speakers but I speak it to myself and anyone around who won't understand.
I do not like: Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings
I LOVE historical fiction
I collect Hoya (plants)
I do not like the smell of plant leaves: no lavendar, yuck tomatoes, keep gernaniums and bacopa far from me!
Yet, have a degree in horticulture
I wish I were dancing right now
The only celebrity I get flustered over is Hal Sparks

I am not goign to tag 8 friends because most of my blogging friends have come across these several times and so I'm not going to make them do it again. This was my first though! So thanks, Surly!! : )

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July Tally

Assuming 1lb of CO2 is released for every mile driven (using a car that gets 20mpg) here are my results for July:

LBS CO2 saved: 16
Miles Biked: 15 (how'd that work?)

Total for four months:
LBS CO2 Saved: 99.1 (ugh! wanted to break 100)
Miles Biked: 59.5

Monday, July 30, 2007

back on the bike!

I did it! I rode my bike to the gym today! I only skipped three weights; two squats and the lateral raise. All scare my back muscles just thinking about them.

I don't think I'm ready to try to ride to work yet. It's still a little iffy.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Before and after pleated dress

Before: drop waist pleated shirt dress

After: regular waist pleated shirt dress. More pleats in the back to adjust for size difference between hips and waist. I plan on adding a sash and that will make the back look bustled.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

sew right

High on muscle relaxers and barely awake I went to my first reconstruction sewing class. I brought my dress that I had originally made with a drop waist and we are taking it up to a regular waist. I'm super excited.

I was teased about my original construction not being symmetrical. I knew that was the case and tried to take the teasing with a grain of salt. My instructor is pretty hard core about doing those extra little steps people like me skip. At first I was kind of annoyed, but then I realized this is going to make me a much better sewer and it's not just about fixing this one dress, it's about learning how the techniques to do it again.

I only took half a muscle relaxer today, which means I'm awake, but my back still hurts. : (

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

20 minutes on..

I'm supposed to ice my back twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off. I'm also getting me some generic vicodin, a muscle relaxer and aleve. I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling yucky tomorrow morning.

Monday, I went to the informational meeting about the Recycouture class. It's going to be lots of fun! I can't wait! And I almost made a friend, in fact everyone thought that since we happened to walk in the door at the same time we must have come together. But alas, she's going to take the beginning sewing class.

Damn, I need a life! : p

I'm going to bring in the dress (pictured a couple posts down, half finished) that I made that needs some alterations. It's a drop waist and I learned, too late, those don't look great on me. So that's going to be my first project, redesigning that into a regular waisted dress. I also have a sweatshirt I made for a now ex-bf that I chickened out of giving. I LOVE the painting but of course the hoodie is way too big for me. What else should I bring in? Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be things out of my closet....

*excited* and ready for more ice.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


After my awesome thrift store finds I went to the gym yesterday and proceeded to hurt my back, again. So there will be no more bike riding this month, probably no sewing since I can't sit and the dishwasher will remain filled with clean dishes because I can't bend over to unload it. That's right, I had to wash dishes by hand today simply because the two positions I"m comfortable in are standing and lying down.

At least I can't go shopping for new items either.

Friday, July 20, 2007

sewing table

I went thrifting today in search of a sewing table. There is a laptop table at Fred Meyer that I have been drooling over but it's 21st century quality and a hundred bucks. Today I came across this

Not only is it beautiful, but I noticed it was heavy and had a hinge.... look what's inside!
Apparently it IS a perfect sewing table! Going out of business sale brought it to $30!

I also got a cute blazer/jacket for this fall and some black liner fabric.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Before and after, owl skirt

This is a skirt I got who knows when. I know I wore it in 2000 or so. It has been sitting in a bag to go to Goodwill for months.

Yesterday it went from this phase to....

Today it got it's final addition:

Here's a close up of my owl:

It has button eyes that aren't showing up very well in this shot. Also, ignore the poor ironing, I'm still working on that. ; )

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I found a cool local class I want to take! It's about redesigning second hand clothes. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Here's her blog. I've been meaning to start doing things like this but I just don't know how to get started or what's possible! Yay!

holy nuclear waste, Batman

From Grist:

Earthquake causes nuclear headaches in Japan

A strong earthquake hit northwestern Japan yesterday morning, and aftershocks continued into the night. The 6.8-magnitude quake killed at least nine people, injured more than 900 others, and flattened houses and highways. It also led to a fire, leak, and waste spills at a powerful nuclear plant. The Kashiwazaki Kariwa facility, which produces the most electricity of any nuclear plant in the world, shut down during the event, but not before a transformer caught on fire and a reactor ruptured, sending about 315 gallons of radioactive water into the sea. The trembling also toppled at least 100 barrels of nuclear waste stored on site. Company officials delayed, then downplayed news of the damage, saying there was little environmental risk. But others in the country, which is home to 55 nuclear reactors, were left feeling uneasy. Weakness in the face of quakes is, said Aileen Mioko Smith of the Japan-based eco-group Green Action, "the Achilles heel of nuclear power plants." Or one of them, anyway.


I really want to try and make this. It's a home made solar generator. Should be enough energy to power things like a laptop, or a fan. We don't really use a lot of power at our house so it would just be a fun experiment that could lead to something more.

I sent the directions to my dear friend, Hot Jake, who is in Australia right now getting his master's in renewable energy. yeah, let me just point out he was hot even before he decided on this it's nearly unbearable. Good thing he's on the other side of the world! Umm, as I was saying, I sent them to Jake and he said they looked doable and if I waited for him to come home he'd help me with it. (*swoon!*) So, I may have to wait a year and a half to build it, but at least I'll get some flirting in. (ha! and now that 'lead to something more' has taken on a whole new meaning! :p)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When is it good enough?

I'm pretty annoyed. I feel like the conservationist elite are poo-pooing anyone else's efforts to do something right. There are blogs bashing McDonald's because even though their UK fleet is switching to biodiesel made of their own grease, they still suck as a corporation and how dare they try to greenwash themselves. Bloody Hell! I too try to stay away from their sketchy farm practices but they are going to truck that food around whether they're using biodiesel or not. So why don't we support them with at least a little bit of laudation.

It's not just McDonald's people complain about: "Petroleum's bad but ethanol isn't good either. Plastic's bad but corn plastics aren't either. " Stop whining and recognize that someone saw a problem and tried something new. It's a start. Where are the voices saying "great! This is a fantastic start. Let's put this on the market as a temporary alternative but in the meantime keep working!"? It's all "whine whine whine, nothing you do is good enough."

It's this same sect of environmentalists who turn off the rest of the country from doing anything green. They feel as if it's all or nothing. I push my resistant family into doing things I know they can accomplish. My mom uses her canvas grocery bags I made her. I'm working on getting her to recycle more items. If I push too hard, I'll turn her off and she won't do any of it.

Since part of my complaint here is that people who point fingers and complain often don't offer solutions, I suppose I better come up with a solution or two. They may not be ground shaking, but if you feel like commenting perhaps you'll have an idea or two to add to the list.

1. Know the limits of those you're pushing.
2. Make them feel good about what they are able to accomplish...then push a little more.
3. I am not an engineer, but I am going to be a teacher. Part of my duty will be to educate and inspire my students to become scientists who may develop better alternatives.
4. Lead by example.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Quick product review

I was at a friend's all weekend and I forgot my shampoo. Sat. came along (one of two hair washing days) so I grabbed her roommate's Dr. Bronner's. Bad idea. I have very weird hair. It's curly, but gets over conditioned very easily. It's only the day after it was washed and already it's feeling yucky...stringy and slimy.

Most people's hair isn't as finicky as mine, I'm sure, but I'm going to keep using my Bronner's as a cleaning agent off my body.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

back on track!

Rode to work today! Woot! Of course, when I got there I ran into SB who proceeded to make fun of me for not getting up the hill and later told me about the sixty miles he rode yesterday for fun. I haven't ridden 60 miles total in three months. hmph.

In a couple of hours I'll get back on my bike to ride to the gym. That puts me at 5.2 miles today alone...almost the entire total of last month. go me!

Monday, July 02, 2007

June Tally

I wish I could hang my head in shame. Here is my June tally:

CO2 saved: 10.8
Miles Biked: 7

Total for three months:
CO2 saved: 83.1
Miles Biked: 44.5

Even bluebirds fall sometimes I guess.

Friday, June 29, 2007

2 week trash results

Trash: 95 items
Recycled: 15 items
Composted: 8 items
Worm binned: 12 items

These are the results from my two week study of my trash. For the most part I didn't adjust my you can clearly tell! I really thought I did better than this. But over 3/4 of my trash goes straight to the landfill.

If you looked at my list you would find I ate a lot of string cheese and granola bars those two weeks. So there's another benefit of this experiment right there! I can now see where I"m making trash and where I can eliminate some of it. For example: I've started buying bulk trail mix in lieu of granola bars. I just put it in a glass mason jar. In fact, I think a lot more of my food is going to be bought in bulk with reused plastic bags.

I wonder how this would look if I had measured mass. A lot of the trashed items were small, like string cheese wrappers and foils from chocolate eggs. Also, went I tossed out my junk mail for the day I counted it as one item recycled. And I listed things like: veggie bits and counted them as one as I through them into the worm bin.

It's not perfect, but it opened my eyes to some changes I can do. And that's what it's about.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Water Use

With the warm days a-comin' (yes, we do have droughty summers in Seattle!) I've taken our mop bucket and put it in the shower! Sounds totally unrelated to some, I'm sure. Rest assured we do not own a mop and the bucket's red so we'll see it before entering the shower.

For those of you not yet in the know, the bucket is there to catch that shower water that usually goes down the drain while you wait for it to warm up.

I think we must have a low flow shower head already. I was actually disappointed by the lack of water I saved in the bucket! I know I shouldn't be, and I know there are ways you can determine the level of flow in your shower head but whatever. Point is, my strawberries, roses, canna and mysterious seedling (pumpkin?) will hopefully not wilt this summer!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nature is mean

Usually that comment comes out of me when I see cute babies or beautiful pregnant women. Today, however, it's because nature's karma kicked my ass.

I drove to work, again. I planned to ride my bike as I do every morning but once again took my car. After a ridiculously long and uninspiring workshop I walked back to my car and found a ticket. I would tell you what the ticket was for but the whole story makes me sound like a spoiled brat. And I may be spoiled but I like to think it's because I'm trying really had to do the right thing by choosing a career I'm passionate about even though it doesn't pay me enough to live on.

Point of the story: had I ridden my bike to work today, I would not have gotten the ticket or have a list of other car related chores to do tomorrow that rape my bank account.

Guess how I'm getting to work Monday morning?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Isn't it organic, don't you think?

Oh boy! Fred Meyer had Certified Oregon Tilth Eversweet strawberries 2 for $3! So I mixed up some worm castings into my pot that has been barren since my bulbs died back and popped 'em in! Hopefully, they will make a tasty covering until next spring when my bulbs push through again!

While harvesting castings from the bottom bucket (castings that originally came with the worms) I found some sprouts that I can only assume are pumpkins! I planted these in another container. I'm not expecting anything out of them but wouldn't it be great if they grew?

I heart plants.

I have an aversion

Confession 1: I have not ridden my bike to work once this month. The last time I did so I was sick, and by the time I got halfway up that hill I felt so sick I thought I was either going to vomit or pass out. And now I can't bring myself to try it again. It's like the time I got sick after eating nachos from 7-11.

Confession 2: I dread compiling my trash list. There have been a couple days I'd like to pretend didn't happen.

I feel like there are many similarities between trying to live green and trying to live during the Great Depression. There may be a comparative essay in the near future.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nooo! anything but water!

Last night my very thoughtful friend brought me a cup of water in a plastic beer cup. She was just being polite but as I saw her walking up with two cups in her hand I thought to myself "Please don't be for me!" because I didn't want to add it to my garbage list.

Of course later than night, while my tummy was grumbling, I reached out for a piece of cake and as I withdrew my arms with cake in hand I saw the glaring waxy paper plate and plastic fork in front of me. Darnit!

Today, I was very good! I met with my parents for Thai food and remembered my tupperware! I got to set an example for my parents and keep an item off my list.

The cutest thing was my mom pointing out all the reused items she used to bring me my goodies in. I also told them about my garbage project expecting to be made fun of but Mom, at least, was very interested. We both agreed that when I'm a teacher this will be a great classroom exercise complete with pie charts.

In related news I broke my sink today trying to clean out the gunk without chemicals. I think I can fix it on my own though thanks to the internet.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I think I can! I think I can!

There's a new challenge via Crunchy Chicken. The month of July is now Local Food Month! This will be the month where we pay attention to what we buy and where it comes from. Thankfully summer is a time of variety and our local Farmers' Markets should be full of choices. I can't wait!

I have to add a second part to this challenge: doing so on a budget. And when I say budget I mean CHEAP! I am not in a position to spend four dollars on a head of broccoli. I'll share with you, of course, how both parts of the challenge go for me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trash Talk

Wow, I was just directed to this blog called Trash Talk. The challenge is to carry around your trash for I believe two weeks. All of it. To work, on the bus, to the park...everywhere. Talk about becoming aware of your impact!

I can't take that challenge. Especially since I should be biking to work. Instead I am going to keep a journal of the garbage I make each day. Oooh! Then I think I'll type it up into an excel spreadsheet and sort it by recyclable, compostable (or wormable) and trash.

I'll start today. First two items to go on my list will be hot cocoa packet and string cheese wrapper.

Friday, June 08, 2007


One of our elephants passed away today. It was a hard day at work for all of us. It reminds me of what I'm trying to do with my living green and why I work at and in the field I do.

The zoo I work at is beautiful. The exhibits are naturalistic and every care is taken to ensure the animals' health. Most legitimate zoos, mine included, have turned from entertainment to education and conservation. The animals help people make connections and through interpretive practices (signs, docents, keeper talks, etc) learn how all things are connected--even how what they do here, affects animals far and wide.

I am thankful for the way this elephant touched people during her life. People who thought they were just coming to see a baby elephant gained a lot more.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can I have a redo?

I don't feel like I had a very successful Low Impact Week. I had to drive all week because I went to Shelton and Aberdeen for work. Without my stuff I used the tv and computer as entertainment in the hotel. I poured batter out of a styrofoam cup this morning into the waffle iron . . . : (

But it isn't about doing good for one week. It's about adopting changes into your routine...and so if I"m a week behind everyone else in getting these things going, so be it.

I can't wait to ride my bike to work tomorrow.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

May Tally

I really wanted to double my CO2 saved this month. But considering last month a big portion of my tally was due to taking the bus to and from the airport and this month I didn't need to go down there, I think I did quite well! I also made my 5 required rides for Bike to Work Month. Doesn't sound like much to you? Well....out of four weeks, I was on the road for two and sick for one. I'm really quite proud!

CO2 Saved: 33.8
Miles Biked: 31.9


Low Impact Week Update

Alright, let's get warmed up! On your feet! Stretch that recycling arm to the left, to the right, to the mark those pedaling legs, faster, faster! Now bend at the waist and stretch out those compost turning arms and warm up those hamstrings! Stand up, and roll your CFL changing the other direction.

Ok, I think we've gotten ourselves warmed up. Low Impact Week is creeping upon us. In fact, it's tomorrow. So to follow suit, let me recap things that I've been doing and what I will be doing as of tomorrow.

* Recycled toilet paper
* Washing hair only twice a week (also good for my curl!)
* Not using paper towels
* Unplugging appliances
* Riding my bike (even up ridiculous hills!)
* Carrying reusable coffee mug
* Reusable grocery bags
* Turning in my receipts from Ballard Market to Sustainable Ballard for a 1% donation
* When my roommate's not home I don't flush! shhh!!! ; )
* CFLs
* Keeping lights off
* Unplug
* Reusing ziplocks
* Recyling of course
* Cold wash
* Low heat and almost dry setting on dryer
* Dry option is turned off on dishwasher
* Natural detergents (dishwasher and laundry)
* Make scrubbing soaps from baking soda, vinegar, castille soap combos

I'm sure there's more. That list looks so piddly. Here are a few things I'm going to try to add to the habits of the previous list:

* Turn off that dang tv!
* And the computer, for that matter!
* Ride to work every workday
* Shorter showers
* No more soda (EnviroWoman ruined my dillusions of being able to drink soda because I could recycle the containers)
* Line dry

That's just a start!

And don't forget No Drive Day June 1st to kick off Low Impact Week! You can do it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What would you do?

I needed chai tea. NEEDED it. My head was throbbing from lack of caffeine. And I was in the suburb I grew up in which has few, if any, independent coffee houses. At least none that I knew of that would take my debit card for I constantly lack cash. Please don't hate me. I had to go to what some call the Devil-Incarnate-bucks.

So there we were in the drive through. thump thump thump my head pulsed. The SUV in front of us was handed drink after drink after drink.... then they finally started to pull away but they only got as far as the trash can. Plastic bottle after bottle after bottle after bottle was handed up from the back seat to the thrower-outer. Thump went my head, thwack went the bottle...over and over again. One didn't make it into the bin. They let it roll away across the parking lot.

I should have gotten out and at least picked up the renegade bottle. I should have opened the bin and collected the plastic ones and taken them home for recycling.

I should have. And I didn't. And I feel so terribly guilty.

Monday, May 21, 2007


EnviroWoman from Living Plastic Free in 2007 was discussing her reasons for boycotting all plastic and used this article as a reference: Our Oceans Are Turning to Plastic...Are We?

I really suggest reading it. It's quite an eye opener. There are facts in there that I had heard before but this really brought it home.

After you have read the part about phthalates and all the other gunk that is proving to mess with our genes and reproductive system...check out your products at the Skin Deep Report. They'll tell you how safe your beauty products are and you can look up safer ones.

It's scary, but I think it's time that we face that fear and make changes.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Low Impact Week

June 1st- 7th

Crunchy Chicken is proposing a Low Impact Week June 1st-7th. I say we kick off the week right by not driving June 1st. Shoot, you guys are so awesome I know you could go without driving for the entire week!

Here's what I want you to do:

Don't drive on June 1st. Find other means of transportation, be it your feet, a bike, the bus, a pony, a large dog, whatever. Add up how many miles you didn't drive and post them here. Then we can calculate how many lbs. of CO2 we saved!

Spread it around! And the more people sent back to this blog to post, the more accurate our calculations can be!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm NOT a wimp!

I took the bike in to get the derailleurs fixed and it turned out the entire shifter was broken. That's why I couldn't go up the hill!! I couldn't get into a low gear! It was like I was trying to start on a hill in second, it can be done but it ain't easy!

Image stolen from Blue Collar Mountain Biking and yes I know that's a crank shaft and not a derailleur.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Career Choice

I love my job at the zoo. I love teaching environmental education, the people I work with are fantastic and I feel like I'm doing something important. However, I also feel like I'm not doing enough, 30 hrs/week at less than grounds crew makes doesn't pay the bills, and I often feel my field/position is unstable.

Soooo.....I'm applying for a teaching program. I already have a master's in Env. Ed. so I'm just doing a post-bac program to get certified. The applications were due April 1st but I made a call, had a meeting and was invited to go to the interviews just based on our conversation. All I need to do is turn in the paperwork.

The program is evenings so I can still work during the day.

It is a relatively competitive program so I don't want to get everyone too excited. This means, Sister, Mom does not need to know yet. My work also does not need to know yet.

Ooh, but I'm excited!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eco capitalism

I just found this awesome company called Terra Cycle. These two guys decided to take worm castings, make a compost tea out of them and sell it as a fertilizer. Ok, that's not terribly new..but leave it to a poor college student (or two) to figure out a cheap way to get the stuff on the shelves...

Their bottles are made from recycled soda bottles. No, literally they are soda bottles. No processing whatsoever. The sprayers are from other companies who had too much. The boxes are misprints. It's ingenious. I'm a little smitten.

My favorite line is from CBS news "..the story is a reminder about following your dreams. The pot of gold may require dealing with a ton of crap."

Watch the video, it's great!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 15th?

Have you been getting forwards or myspace bulletins asking you not to buy gas on May 15th? Did you pass it on? I hope the answer is no. Or I hope you altered the message...

Not buying gas on one day is not going to hurt big oil. If you need gas that week, you'll buy it on May 14th or 16th anyway.

If you get this message and wish to pass it on change the message to promote something that might actually work. Don't drive on May 15th. Join in for Bike to Work Month. Something along those lines.

Also..if you got the one that said that gas prices dropped 30 cents after a gas out in 1997...weren't you a little suspicious? I KNOW I would've remembered that. I was a senior in high school and if gas reached 60-some cents a gallon I would've remembered.

Friday, May 04, 2007

whoa cool!

On the Bike To Work web page you can see a report on how much CO2 has been saved during the contest. So far 79457.7 pounds have been saved in just one week! AND not everybody has inputted their numbers. That's pretty freaking cool.

Update: I think those numbers are misleading. It looks like people have been entering in their data since before May. But that's still a lot of CO2 saved.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

greasy hands = hot

My bike does not want to go to work. Yesterday was the flat, today my chain fell off. But I did get affirmation from SB that greasy hands were hot. And I saw HSG (hot security guy) in the kitchen and turned three shades of red as I tried to talk to him. holy crap.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Half Full

I did my first bike ride for Bike to Work Month today. I decided to go a little out of my way to avoid going up the hill of death. I was sweaty but pretty damn proud that I made it. I still had to walk up a hill. Oh well! Next time I won't!

I did get a flat tire. Thank goodness I had my tutorial from Alene on Mon. After we did our programs, my viking coworker and I stopped by a bike shop to get me a new tube. Then I borrowed baby powder from Madam Coworker and go ready to change the tire!

Security came and met me with a pump...and let me tell you! This member of security is rather hot. And my new favorite! I had my tube switched and was all ready by the time he got there. We had a little trouble making sure everything was going in right but we got it! And I made it home safe and sound.

I'm going to rack up 4.5 miles biked, but I will only take 3.8 lbs CO2 saved since had I been driving, I wouldn't have gone out of my way in the morning.


Half Empty

I rode my bike to work today. Got ANOTHER flat tire as soon as I got to the North Lot. And I was sweating so much because I wore the wrong jacket.

By the time I had a chance to change the flat it started pouring down rain, I forgot to put a plastic bag on my seat and I was soaking wet before I could even get the tube out.

Then I had to ride down the hill of death on the slick roads and I was sure I was going to die.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

tallies and such

In April I only biked a measily 5.6 miles and saved 38.5 lbs. CO2.

My goal for May is to greatly increase those numbers...barring anymore flat tires. Although now I can fix them myself! kind of! : )

I"m signed up for Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation's Bike To Work Month so that's some incentive!

All is not well in Ballard

I walked home from work today. And what a day to do so! Everything was blooming, the weather was lovely...and the crossing guard by the elementary stopped traffic for me and then called me "Babe." But in a cute old black man way. I eat that stuff up!

Can we go back to everything is in bloom? Is anyone else alarmed to see California poppies, candy tuft, roses and irises blooming along side tulips, magnolias and azaleas?! I associate the former as summer bloomers and the later as early spring timers. Am I wrong? I know I haven't worked in a nursery for years so I guess I could just be hyper sensitive.

"Cedar," you still actually work with I imagining things and working myself into a fervor for no reason?

Monday, April 30, 2007

Have tire will travel

I finally have a fully inflated bicycle tire. I was stood up by the Sexy Bastard at work who was going to show me how to take care of it so that added a few more days CO2 release. Thankfully, my wonderful friend, Alene, helped me with the endeavor and I am now mobile on 2 wheels.

I'm not sure what should count as CO2 lbs saved. I walked to the Sunday Market yesterday, but I would have done that anyway. It's not so much an effort in saving CO2, but more a way to avoid parking. I think I am going to stick to counting the times that I would normally drive but make the effort to walk or bike. And not count the places that I just walk to anyway...such as the market or the grocery.

I need to go the gym so I am going to bump up my numbers on the side now so that I feel guilty and force myself to go.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Worm bin construction

I was lucky enough to find a roommate who had a worm bin already constructed, and a coworker whose worms were having way too much sex.

These instructions look very similar to what roomie built. When I got the worms from Madame Coworker, we put them in the bottom container. In the upper container we put bedding (shredded newspaper about as damp as a wrung out sponge) and a little bit of food. Eventually the worms made their way up to the upper bin through the holes in the bottom and are now happily munching away.

I haven't gotten to harvest castings yet. Except what came with Madame Coworkers stock. There are several methods, one is just to switch those two containers again and harvest once they've moved out. Another is to shove everything to one side and start putting new food on the other side...or simply take out a handful and pick the worms out.

It doesn't smell at all. I can't even believe it. It might smell a little like compost on warm days when you open it up but I like that smell. Haven't had to troubleshoot anything yet either. So we're doing well!

The only thing that annoys me is that they don't really eat the egg shells. And Roomie eats a lot of eggs.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The trouble with worms

Worms require newspaper or some sort of clean bedding to help insulate them. This is great for those who have lots of paper to recycle. But we don't get a paper delivered. So I end up going to pick up a free copy of The Stranger to cut up, soak and lay as bedding. Does this cancel out any good the worms are doing in the first place?

For Rent

Beautiful handcrafted home with 27 rooms located near food providers. Entrance on sunny side in a quiet neighborhood. Non-aggressive Masons preferred.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

zut alors!

I found a great recipe for all natural "soft scrub." Cleans my bathtub like a charm, even when it's grody! It just takes baking soda, castille soap, vinegar and a little water. I got the recipe out of Clean House, Clean Planet, By Karen Logan. You should check it out!

I went downstairs this morning to find my bicycle tire flat! It took all morning to get my motivation up to ride to work and then my efforts were thwarted! I'm not exactly sure what to do now....

I also found a figure that suggested we waste 33lbs of CO2 for every hour of television watched. Thankfully I live in WA where the energy is mostly hydroelectric so I assume the number is lower than that but I will still be more conscious about how much time I leave the boob tube on. Guess it's time for a trip to the library or used bookstore!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to Seattle

I was on the road in Wenatchee for work this past week. But I've been back for one day and already I get to bump my lbs. of CO2 saved and miles biked! This pleases me, the planet and my tush!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sugar Daddy?

Where's my sugar daddy to buy me this?!

yuck, garbage

My garbage sense is heightened these days. Which is good! But on the road it's hard. It was really hard for me to throw my pear core and plum remains into a normal garbage can today. If I had a receptacle I probably would've brought them home to my worms.

I also nearly exploded when I was stuck using styrofoam for my continental cereal at the hotel. I know, I could have forgone, it's true, but I needed to eat. When this bluebird doesn't get fed she gets CRANKY! Good news is I bought a bowl, cup, fork and spoon that will travel with me from now on for just such an occasion.

I'm also tempted by the idea of carrying a "cloth" with me where ever I go. No Impact Man and his family are doing it, why can't I? Think of the trees that can be saved. Plus, if I'm considering it, others must be too. So let's say that brings it up to a total of 10 people who start doing it this week. 90 more and perhaps we'll reach the 100th monkey.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No Impact Man on The Colbert Report

Awesome! My motel doesn't get Comedy Central and so I thought I was going to miss this. Thank gawd for the internet!

Look for it on Comedy Central. His name is Colin Beaven.

I can't seem to embed the video.

that didn't work

Here's a picture I just uploaded from my camera of my Netherlands bulbs blooming on my patio. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back to the city that holds my heart

I realized this weekend I'm more "green" than I thought. It kind of helped my green-esteem. At the airport I was astounded at the lack of recycling receptacles and carried my juice container all the way to my sister's because I figured they wouldn't recycle it on the airplane either. Think of the amount of trash the airport must toss! Surely they have someone go through things and take the recycling out! Ok, I'm sure that's not true but it might be the only way I'll get through the night.

I did give in to two weaknesses, though. I had to buy two magazines. Ok, I didn't HAVE to but I did. I bought the green issue of Outdoor, which was very interesting and I don't feel as guilty about that as I do buying Glamour. But they will be read by others and recycled! I promise.

On the way to the airport I took the bus so I"m counting those miles as lbs. CO2 saved. The trip home I took Shuttle Express. Now, I am NOT going to claim all 21 miles as lbs. of CO2 saved They do use compressed natural gas but the van was not going past my house even if I hadn't asked. I do think it should count as carpooling and the cleaner fuel is a nice bonus too. So how about 10 lbs? Sound good to everyone?

I'm happy to be back to my worm bin, and no waste work environment. : )

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I saved 1.4 lbs. of CO2 today!

Alright. I believe if you proclaim a goal publicly you are more likely to achieve it. So here I go: I am going to be a better environmentalist. That means, less driving, no more plastic bags, eating locally, being a part of my community, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and much more.

Today I start. Not from ground zero as I've already started implementing some eco-friendly practices in my daily life. I use toilet paper and paper towels from 100% recycled materials, my soaps/detergents are friendly, I've reduced the number of times I wash my hair a week down to two and I try my damnedest to avoid vinyl.

They say that you release 1 lb of CO2 for every mile you drive. I got my lazy ass on my bike and rode to the gym. It's such a pleasant ride, I'm not sure why I wasn't doing it before. Ok, partly because it was cold, dark and wet. But now it's spring.

I rode my bike the 1.9 miles to work the other day. Up hill. Killed me. But I plan to find a new route around those hills so I can make the ride more often.

And I plan to record my progress right here. so stay tuned!