Monday, February 18, 2008

rub a dub dub

My tub needed some serious scrubbing the other day. It was disgusting. I went into the cupboard to mix up my normal baking soda, castille soap and vinegar to find no baking soda or vinegar. Annoyed and ready to scrub at that very moment I grabbed the still full 409 bottle that we've had for a year and went to town.

I had to work so much harder to scrub off that mildew with the gross chemicalness of 409! I thought it would just wipe right off but no! I'm so glad I made the switch to the more natural recipe!! I'm sad I used the nastiness, but I'm also kind of glad because my method has been reinforced! hooray!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I caucused today. And I think I should get bonus points for the rigmarole I went through to do so. I went to The Odd Fellows building where I assumed I would go but it turns out I live on the wrong side of my street to caucus there. So I had to hoof it up 11 blocks to the school where I'm actually doing my practicum. Then I had to quick fill out my change of address form and hope everything was done correctly.

Anyway, my name is signed next to my choice candidate and I'll be watching at six o'clock to see who comes out on top for Washington!