Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nights 2 and 3: Rockabilly Ball 2007

I have to say, I'm rather disappointed. The line up this year just wasn't very good. I really feel the whole thing has gone downhill. Yeah, I danced but I wasn't inspired to. There just wasn't anything else to do. I want to see bands like Cari Lee and the Saddle-ites, Marti Brom, Carlos and the Bandidos....real rockabilly...not this stuff people are calling psychobilly (which isn't even that, it's just bad punk with an upright bass).

I did make a new dress on Friday. I LOVE how it turned out. I used stash fabric and a pattern I already had so I only bought a zipper and hook & eyes. I didn't get any compliments on it though. Seriously, none. I don't know what that was about. I did not wear the tan dress pictured below but instead the turquoise early 60's one. It was a matter of placement of the darts and how they appeared under my sweater. mmhmm.

Hopefully I will get pictures from friends soon.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Night 1: Rockabilly Ball 2007

High on coffee and cold medicine I made it to the very end of last night's show. And I danced danced danced! A friend of mine is home from Australia on holiday and I couldn't be more excited! Unfortunately, he brought a girl with him so I couldn't fawn over him as much as I wanted.

"But what did she wear?!" you ask. I don't have any pictures, but others do so I may post one later. I pulled a dress out of my closet I have never worn but made out of a vintage pattern and fabric that was donated to me. I think I made this dress five years ago. It's navy blue with white flowers and white rick rack outlining the neckline, sleeves and gores. I got many compliments on it and some thought it was real vintage.

I might make another dress today and tomorrow for tomorrow night. We'll see.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Enviro Crazy

Today I met a 7th grade girl who told me that she doesn't waste a lot of water washing dishes because she mainly uses paper plates. I was stunned to silence. We were talking about water conservation and I wasn't in a good place to take that teachable moment.

The worse part...I wasn't surprised. It fit the stereotype that I had put on her. To me she looked like the type of kid who was popular, maybe didn't do well in school even though she had potential and whose parents weren't all that involved. Those are the parents who would rather buy paper plates so they don't need to do more work.

I had my first class tonight. 3.5 hours in the same classroom. Do you know how long it was 7:30? AGES! Plus I'm fighting a cold so all I wanted to do was sleep. We are able to eat in class and I had brought an orange...after I finished I put my peal in my paper bag to take home to my worms. I almost called out to a girl looking for a trash can for her apple core but I didn't know her name. Then there was the woman with a paper plate, a paper towel and something else compostable. I might start bringing a bag for people to leave their compostables in. Only problem is my household is running seriously low on paper bags and I can't afford Biobags right now.

I'll have to figure something out.

Friday, September 21, 2007


After three bowls of broccoli cheddar soup with bread and all the other crap I've been eating this week I've decided my body must be trying to put on some insulation with the cold weather setting in. I've also been pretty adamant that going to the gym doesn't do anything for my physique. I'm there for my cholesterol anyway. (I like cheese, and sour cream, and butter and..)

Well tonight I decided to look at what dresses I have available to wear to the Rockabilly Ball. Since my heart seems to finally be free for the taking I'd like to look hot and do some flirting. Tonight, I decided to try on this really hot 1960's vintage number I got last Fall. The Great Depression occurred last Spring and Summer so I was pretty thin when I got this dress and the last time I put it on my hips were pushing its limits.

I slipped it on anyway. My hips turned freely! In fact, the dress was a little big!! It even came off over my hips instead of over my head.

Encouraged I tried on another vintage one (late 50's?) that rarely comes out of the closet. Ziiiiip! The pleats aren't even stretched out!! Oh I know what I'm least one of the nights!

Here's a picture of that dress from about 4.5 years ago. (yes, my part was hot pink)


I got my second CSA box yesterday. I love fall if simply for the pears. We doubled our order of pears and gave up chard.

They also sent me a recipe for broccoli cheddar soup. All of the veggies I needed were in my box, I just supplied myself the bullion cubes and cheese. It turned out so good! I really want to hug them! Too bad we missed the party last weekend..I could have had the opportunity!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I went home to my parents' this weekend and was surprised by 17 knitted squares!! Keep 'em coming folks! I'm starting to worry!

Mom also knitted me a sweater she claimed was too hard for her and wouldn't be able to make! It fits perfectly and is knitted to perfection. Lime green...and I think it will look smashing with dark brown pants!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One less bell to answer

Many things changing in the bluebird household. New job, school starting soon, new's a whirlwind indeed.

My new job requires me to drive a lot, but I will be teaching about conservation.... My books have been ordered and they are mostly used.... And I refuse to cry anymore so I won't waste anymore tissues.

So there you go...and here comes Fall.

*Edit* I suppose I should have used my hankies. I also find I am saving energy by not being able to listen to music. There's always a silver lining...or something.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First CSA box!

My box from Full Circle Farm arrived today! As I carried it to and from my car I was giddy with excitement to see the goodies. Every step released a whiff of basil and the smell of the farm. This is a picture of a few of the delights: I think that's a honeydew, Japanese eggplant, sweet peppers and pluots. I'm drooling over the color of the eggplant. But I have no idea what to do with it! Any suggestions? Crunch? I also have basil, red leaf lettuce, corn, zukes, cukes, potatoes, yellow taxi tomatoes, peaches...that might be it. mmmm

I immediately started tearing apart the lettuce, mostly because it wouldn't fit in my fridge other wise, and made a salad with yellow taxi tomatoes, cucumber, vine tomatoes and a chik patty. Oh, I also tore up some basil on a added a fantastic little kick! Best meal I've made in a long time!

Crabby Sweater

This is my newest refashion. Originally, a pull over sweater that was ill fitting and too short, I cut it up the middle, bound it with bias tape and embroidered a crab and a sea horse on the front. I'm contemplating putting a nudibranch on the back shoulder. I'm also on the fence about putting buttons or not. I like the simplicity of it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Beth sent me two BEAUTIFUL knitted squares in the mail the other day! She also mailed them in a reused envelope because she's awesome! : )

Thanks Beth!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aug. Tally

Assuming 1lb of CO2 is released for every mile driven (using a car that gets 20mpg) here are my results for Aug:

LBS CO2 saved: 8.4
Miles Biked: 8.4

Total for five months:
LBS CO2 Saved: 107.5
Miles Biked: 67.9

I don't think these numbers are right. I know I went to the gym more than that and only drove once. Maybe it's time to take down the tally if I'm going to forget to log it....