Friday, September 28, 2007

Night 1: Rockabilly Ball 2007

High on coffee and cold medicine I made it to the very end of last night's show. And I danced danced danced! A friend of mine is home from Australia on holiday and I couldn't be more excited! Unfortunately, he brought a girl with him so I couldn't fawn over him as much as I wanted.

"But what did she wear?!" you ask. I don't have any pictures, but others do so I may post one later. I pulled a dress out of my closet I have never worn but made out of a vintage pattern and fabric that was donated to me. I think I made this dress five years ago. It's navy blue with white flowers and white rick rack outlining the neckline, sleeves and gores. I got many compliments on it and some thought it was real vintage.

I might make another dress today and tomorrow for tomorrow night. We'll see.

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