Friday, September 21, 2007


After three bowls of broccoli cheddar soup with bread and all the other crap I've been eating this week I've decided my body must be trying to put on some insulation with the cold weather setting in. I've also been pretty adamant that going to the gym doesn't do anything for my physique. I'm there for my cholesterol anyway. (I like cheese, and sour cream, and butter and..)

Well tonight I decided to look at what dresses I have available to wear to the Rockabilly Ball. Since my heart seems to finally be free for the taking I'd like to look hot and do some flirting. Tonight, I decided to try on this really hot 1960's vintage number I got last Fall. The Great Depression occurred last Spring and Summer so I was pretty thin when I got this dress and the last time I put it on my hips were pushing its limits.

I slipped it on anyway. My hips turned freely! In fact, the dress was a little big!! It even came off over my hips instead of over my head.

Encouraged I tried on another vintage one (late 50's?) that rarely comes out of the closet. Ziiiiip! The pleats aren't even stretched out!! Oh I know what I'm least one of the nights!

Here's a picture of that dress from about 4.5 years ago. (yes, my part was hot pink)

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Jenny said...

WOO HOOO! (you're such a hottie)