Saturday, January 15, 2005

A trip to the grocery and a clean room

I went to Trader Joe's today to get some food to eat. Introduced Mom and Dad to edamame. They actually thought they were ok! *gasp!* Oooh! I got vanilla banana yogurt and some granola. I"m going to have the yummiest breakfasts ever! So there!

Then I came home and started cleaning my room. Believe me, it needed it! oy vey. I started a plastic grocery bag to stuff other plastic bags into and good lord there were a lot. It's ridiculous.

So here's where these two events relate: I am going to work harder at reusing and recycling those bags. Could maybe put a few in my car so that I can't forget. And I hear PCC has a recycling program for them so I will bring a bunch there as well.

And here's a tidbit I learned... all liquid laundry detergent is phosphate free. That made me feel good since that's my preference! Now if I can just get my parents to stop buying that 5 gallon bucket of powder they always buy....

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

first cleaning experiment

I love me a freshly scrubbed tub. I really do. And Comet does such a great job. But yuck! I always feel bad watching all that sea foam green goo go down the drain. So I tried something different last night.

I hear baking soda is the cleaning agent of the gods...or something. So I took some dish soap and some baking soda and squirted & sprinkled it all around the tub. Then I took a sponge with the scouring side and went to work. It actually did a pretty good job. The tub I used it on had long been neglected so I couldn't get it as pristine clean as I had wanted. I think that if it were used regularly it would be a great alternative. It takes a bit more muscle than chemical agents but that didn't bother me too much.

I want to try this ionizing laundry ball. I'll have to buy it online. it sounds so cool!


born again environmentalist

My new year's resolution is to be a better environmentalist. seriously. How can I preach that we need to take steps to save the planet if I'm not taking those steps myself? And everyone knows I hate hypocrits.

My plan is to try out products and let you know how well they work. I love my chemicals let me tell you! I like to watch the scrubbing bubbles do all the work of killing soap scum for me. I like my laundry smelling Tide fresh. But all this is crap we use is unhealthy for us and the earth and there are alternatives so why don't we try them? Because we're skeptical. I am too. But have no fear because I will be the brave honest soul who will try them and let you know my opinion.

I have already stopped washing my hair everyday. This has many benefits: it's better for your hair, I've cut down on the amount of shampoo going down the drain which also saves me money on shampoo, my showers are much shorter on off days which is saving water and my hair actually looks cuter on its second day.

One step at a time. You could join me if you'd like. At least give it a try.