Saturday, January 15, 2005

A trip to the grocery and a clean room

I went to Trader Joe's today to get some food to eat. Introduced Mom and Dad to edamame. They actually thought they were ok! *gasp!* Oooh! I got vanilla banana yogurt and some granola. I"m going to have the yummiest breakfasts ever! So there!

Then I came home and started cleaning my room. Believe me, it needed it! oy vey. I started a plastic grocery bag to stuff other plastic bags into and good lord there were a lot. It's ridiculous.

So here's where these two events relate: I am going to work harder at reusing and recycling those bags. Could maybe put a few in my car so that I can't forget. And I hear PCC has a recycling program for them so I will bring a bunch there as well.

And here's a tidbit I learned... all liquid laundry detergent is phosphate free. That made me feel good since that's my preference! Now if I can just get my parents to stop buying that 5 gallon bucket of powder they always buy....


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