Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back to the city that holds my heart

I realized this weekend I'm more "green" than I thought. It kind of helped my green-esteem. At the airport I was astounded at the lack of recycling receptacles and carried my juice container all the way to my sister's because I figured they wouldn't recycle it on the airplane either. Think of the amount of trash the airport must toss! Surely they have someone go through things and take the recycling out! Ok, I'm sure that's not true but it might be the only way I'll get through the night.

I did give in to two weaknesses, though. I had to buy two magazines. Ok, I didn't HAVE to but I did. I bought the green issue of Outdoor, which was very interesting and I don't feel as guilty about that as I do buying Glamour. But they will be read by others and recycled! I promise.

On the way to the airport I took the bus so I"m counting those miles as lbs. CO2 saved. The trip home I took Shuttle Express. Now, I am NOT going to claim all 21 miles as lbs. of CO2 saved They do use compressed natural gas but the van was not going past my house even if I hadn't asked. I do think it should count as carpooling and the cleaner fuel is a nice bonus too. So how about 10 lbs? Sound good to everyone?

I'm happy to be back to my worm bin, and no waste work environment. : )

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Cedar said...

People do amaze, don't they? My coworker is doing garbage profiles of the buildings on the SU campus. Apparently the kids in the dorms haven't heard of recycling or something. You'd think younger citizens would have grown up recycling and therefore it would be engrained. Guess not.
Anyway, way to go! And welcome home to sunny seattle. :)