Monday, April 30, 2007

Have tire will travel

I finally have a fully inflated bicycle tire. I was stood up by the Sexy Bastard at work who was going to show me how to take care of it so that added a few more days CO2 release. Thankfully, my wonderful friend, Alene, helped me with the endeavor and I am now mobile on 2 wheels.

I'm not sure what should count as CO2 lbs saved. I walked to the Sunday Market yesterday, but I would have done that anyway. It's not so much an effort in saving CO2, but more a way to avoid parking. I think I am going to stick to counting the times that I would normally drive but make the effort to walk or bike. And not count the places that I just walk to anyway...such as the market or the grocery.

I need to go the gym so I am going to bump up my numbers on the side now so that I feel guilty and force myself to go.

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