Thursday, April 12, 2007

yuck, garbage

My garbage sense is heightened these days. Which is good! But on the road it's hard. It was really hard for me to throw my pear core and plum remains into a normal garbage can today. If I had a receptacle I probably would've brought them home to my worms.

I also nearly exploded when I was stuck using styrofoam for my continental cereal at the hotel. I know, I could have forgone, it's true, but I needed to eat. When this bluebird doesn't get fed she gets CRANKY! Good news is I bought a bowl, cup, fork and spoon that will travel with me from now on for just such an occasion.

I'm also tempted by the idea of carrying a "cloth" with me where ever I go. No Impact Man and his family are doing it, why can't I? Think of the trees that can be saved. Plus, if I'm considering it, others must be too. So let's say that brings it up to a total of 10 people who start doing it this week. 90 more and perhaps we'll reach the 100th monkey.

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Anonymous said...

I've started carrying foldable chopsticks, a collapsible tote bag and a hankie (that doubles as a napkin) in my purse at all times, and I have yet to require a single plastic bag, plastic cutlery or paper towel when I'm out and about! None of these things takes up much room and they all definitely lead to conversation and other people around me deciding to do the same... so I say, go for it!