Monday, October 01, 2007

Sept. Tally/ Six Months

Well, the rain has set in. When I started this I didn't even realize that there would be exactly six months of bike riding weather. Seattle's great like that.

Here are my results

Lbs. CO2 Saved: 21.2
Miles Biked: 12.8

Six months
Lbs. CO2 Saved: 128.7
Miles Biked: 79.1

My goal shifted to try and save my weight in CO2. I won't say if I made that goal or not, but I think that should be a challenge for next year. If we each did even that much, that adds up!

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kat said...

Now I get all my bills on line, but I spend half as much time as before going through them. So I guess I use a lot of electricity, sitting in front on the computer.

It's a vicious circle !!!