Saturday, October 13, 2007

I did it!

I just ran around Greenlake! I stopped once to talk to some friends for literally a minute and then got to the other side of the lake and got a drink of water and walked the opposite way for like two minutes so I didn't jiggle and slosh around.

They say Greenlake is 2.9 miles and I did my best to run in the middle of the path because I'm not sure where they take that measurement. I also ran past my starting point and then back to my car so I could feel good about saying that I ran 3 miles. OUTSIDE even! With hills and weather (was that sun blinding today or what?!) 3 miles and 35 minutes not including warm up and cool down. And I think I could've gone longer! I'm good at achieving my goals, but not at surpassing them.

I'm so excited!

*edit* It's 2.8 miles around Greenlake. I also thought that when they said the outer path was 3.2 miles that they meant the outside of the regular path but I just did the math to figure out that no, the 13.5' path is not wide enough to make that much of a difference. That's right, I sat here and literally did the math, I can even show my work! Still, since I ran past my starting point and then back to my car I think I was pretty close to that 3 mile mark and next time I'll go even farther.


Beth in the Fake Plastic Fish Tank said...

Congratulations! You've inspired me to run today!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Nice work! If you want to see the "outer loop" route, check out this map.

You mostly run outside the playground and playfields and around the golf course. It does get muddy when it rains!

kat said...

Aucun rapport:
j'ai commencé le crochet hier !!
et j'ai reçu ton cadeau !! merciiiiiii

(felt like writing in French for a change - I hope you don't mind ; )