Tuesday, October 30, 2007

want vs. need

We live in such a disposable society that we often forget what's really important for our survival: food, water, shelter and clean air. So we eat Twinkies, drink bottled water, build McMansions and drive cars that pollute our air.

I really want an Ipod Shuffle. I know I don't need one, but hot damn they're cute and I get so bored running! I also don't have the 70 some dollars to spend on one. So give me the strength to resist...or wait until someone gets me one for Christmas.

dammit, and now I want a Twinkie.


Beth in the Fake Plastic Fish Tank said...

I don't think we have to deprive ourselves of every single thing we want just because they are unnecessary for our survival.

Can you find a used one on Craigslist or eBay? Can you find a used MP3 player that is not necessarily an iPod?

Can you give yourself a certain amount of "cool off time" to wait and see if you still really want one? Compulsive purchasing is a problem. But maybe an iPod would be a really useful and enjoyable thing to have and ethically okay if you don't buy new things very often.

Some days I just thank my lucky stars for all the stuff I bought before my enviro-consciousness kicked in and I stopped bying stuff. I love running with my iPod!

kat said...

My computer is an old one a friend gave me (yes, people actually give things sometimes), my cell phone is 4 years old and I don't intend to change it unless I drown it by accident in the shower, and my cd player and bike are almost 15 years old.

I thought I was a spoiled European girl, but now thanks to that post, I'm relieved. I'm not that spoiled, but rather some country girl who keeps old stuff like her grandma would. : )

novemberjuliet said...

Beth, I'm totally on board with getting a used one and hopefully one that is not an ipod per se.

Katell, I wish my stuff would last that long! My cd player in my stereo only lasted about 10 years, but now my parents use it for just the radio. So I guess that's good.

kat said...

...and I still use my 17 year old Sony Walkman ! : )
(the problem is, the tapes are bad. Music I used to play in the 90's...)

novemberjuliet said...

Haha! That's almost cool again! :p

novemberjuliet said...

dammit, I gave in. It's not a Shuffle...but it IS new. I'll show you when it arrives.