Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 15th?

Have you been getting forwards or myspace bulletins asking you not to buy gas on May 15th? Did you pass it on? I hope the answer is no. Or I hope you altered the message...

Not buying gas on one day is not going to hurt big oil. If you need gas that week, you'll buy it on May 14th or 16th anyway.

If you get this message and wish to pass it on change the message to promote something that might actually work. Don't drive on May 15th. Join in for Bike to Work Month. Something along those lines.

Also..if you got the one that said that gas prices dropped 30 cents after a gas out in 1997...weren't you a little suspicious? I KNOW I would've remembered that. I was a senior in high school and if gas reached 60-some cents a gallon I would've remembered.

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