Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What would you do?

I needed chai tea. NEEDED it. My head was throbbing from lack of caffeine. And I was in the suburb I grew up in which has few, if any, independent coffee houses. At least none that I knew of that would take my debit card for I constantly lack cash. Please don't hate me. I had to go to what some call the Devil-Incarnate-bucks.

So there we were in the drive through. thump thump thump my head pulsed. The SUV in front of us was handed drink after drink after drink.... then they finally started to pull away but they only got as far as the trash can. Plastic bottle after bottle after bottle after bottle was handed up from the back seat to the thrower-outer. Thump went my head, thwack went the bottle...over and over again. One didn't make it into the bin. They let it roll away across the parking lot.

I should have gotten out and at least picked up the renegade bottle. I should have opened the bin and collected the plastic ones and taken them home for recycling.

I should have. And I didn't. And I feel so terribly guilty.

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vwsista said...

Hi. Just ended up at your blog due to Low Impact Week.

Thought I'd say Hi!