Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nature is so amazing!

Disclaimer: I do not want people to get hurt or for their property to be damaged, but nature is AMAZING!

Seattle was just hit with over 5" of rain over the past couple of days. We are used to rain, yes, but not quite like this. Our soils have not developed over thousands of years to regularly absorb this kind of water. Flooding is natural, however. That is why we have such fertile areas like the Auburn Valley and fields of tulips up north. When the river spilled over its banks, historically, it would displace nutrient rich silt we still enjoy today.

Over the past two hundred years (give or take) we have cut forests, paved land, drained wetlands and straightened streams. No one can argue that these practices have altered the natural flood regime. We try so hard to control nature that when an event like this occurs, I cannot help but cheer nature on! "Lay your silt! Gouge those river banks! Find your own way!"

I am sorry for those who are facing injuries and damages to their property.


kat said...

I understant yout enthusiasm so well.
I often say things like "we need more rain this month !" and people look at me as if I was mad. I grew up in the country, where water is essential - how can they just ignore that ??

kat said...

I meant "understanD youR" of course. :)