Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nooo! anything but water!

Last night my very thoughtful friend brought me a cup of water in a plastic beer cup. She was just being polite but as I saw her walking up with two cups in her hand I thought to myself "Please don't be for me!" because I didn't want to add it to my garbage list.

Of course later than night, while my tummy was grumbling, I reached out for a piece of cake and as I withdrew my arms with cake in hand I saw the glaring waxy paper plate and plastic fork in front of me. Darnit!

Today, I was very good! I met with my parents for Thai food and remembered my tupperware! I got to set an example for my parents and keep an item off my list.

The cutest thing was my mom pointing out all the reused items she used to bring me my goodies in. I also told them about my garbage project expecting to be made fun of but Mom, at least, was very interested. We both agreed that when I'm a teacher this will be a great classroom exercise complete with pie charts.

In related news I broke my sink today trying to clean out the gunk without chemicals. I think I can fix it on my own though thanks to the internet.

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