Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Isn't it organic, don't you think?

Oh boy! Fred Meyer had Certified Oregon Tilth Eversweet strawberries 2 for $3! So I mixed up some worm castings into my pot that has been barren since my bulbs died back and popped 'em in! Hopefully, they will make a tasty covering until next spring when my bulbs push through again!

While harvesting castings from the bottom bucket (castings that originally came with the worms) I found some sprouts that I can only assume are pumpkins! I planted these in another container. I'm not expecting anything out of them but wouldn't it be great if they grew?

I heart plants.


Beth at Coloring The Void said...

Hi Nicole. I see you are a gardener too. Just wondering if you have found plants (besides herbs and vegetables) that come in non-plastic containers. Also soil in non-plastic bags. I'm on a quest to find these things, but it might be like fighting windmills, I don't know.

nichole said...

I used to work at a nursery and everything came in plastic. Some nurseries will take back pots (especially gallon sized). Look into organic nurseries or mom & pop type places. If nothing else they'd at least be more apt to reuse the pots.

There are also places that sell bulk soil that you would just load up in the back of your truck. I don't know what they would do if you just showed up with two five gallon buckets to fill. You should call them up and see!