Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nature is mean

Usually that comment comes out of me when I see cute babies or beautiful pregnant women. Today, however, it's because nature's karma kicked my ass.

I drove to work, again. I planned to ride my bike as I do every morning but once again took my car. After a ridiculously long and uninspiring workshop I walked back to my car and found a ticket. I would tell you what the ticket was for but the whole story makes me sound like a spoiled brat. And I may be spoiled but I like to think it's because I'm trying really had to do the right thing by choosing a career I'm passionate about even though it doesn't pay me enough to live on.

Point of the story: had I ridden my bike to work today, I would not have gotten the ticket or have a list of other car related chores to do tomorrow that rape my bank account.

Guess how I'm getting to work Monday morning?

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Meghan said...

Oh no! I feel your pain. I did ride yesterday, but I also got a ticket. We'll leave the details out because they make me sound like an idiot. And while, undoubtedly, I am - I find no need to describe in detail the proof!