Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I really want to try and make this. It's a home made solar generator. Should be enough energy to power things like a laptop, or a fan. We don't really use a lot of power at our house so it would just be a fun experiment that could lead to something more.

I sent the directions to my dear friend, Hot Jake, who is in Australia right now getting his master's in renewable energy. yeah, let me just point out he was hot even before he decided on this degree..now it's nearly unbearable. Good thing he's on the other side of the world! Umm, as I was saying, I sent them to Jake and he said they looked doable and if I waited for him to come home he'd help me with it. (*swoon!*) So, I may have to wait a year and a half to build it, but at least I'll get some flirting in. (ha! and now that 'lead to something more' has taken on a whole new meaning! :p)

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