Saturday, July 21, 2007


After my awesome thrift store finds I went to the gym yesterday and proceeded to hurt my back, again. So there will be no more bike riding this month, probably no sewing since I can't sit and the dishwasher will remain filled with clean dishes because I can't bend over to unload it. That's right, I had to wash dishes by hand today simply because the two positions I"m comfortable in are standing and lying down.

At least I can't go shopping for new items either.


Beth in the Fake Plastic Fish Tank said...

I guess that means you won't be sitting at your computer for very long either. Feel better soon! The blogosphere needs you!

kat said...

This is exactly what I was about to say (thanks Beth :)

nichole said...

Well, pretty much all I can do is lie in bed alternating between heating pad and ice. And I can do that with my computer on my stomach. I just don't have anything to blog about! Except my cool new vintage patterns I got for a dollar each. I did try to venture out today for a haircut and got distracted by fabrics.

Katell, j'adore que tu lis ce blog dorky! Est-ce qu'il y a un mot francais pour "dorky?" ; )

kat said...

If it has to do with "a dork", then, dorky would be "d├ębile" or something like that. But it's not in my dictionary I'm afraid. :)