Tuesday, July 24, 2007

20 minutes on..

I'm supposed to ice my back twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off. I'm also getting me some generic vicodin, a muscle relaxer and aleve. I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling yucky tomorrow morning.

Monday, I went to the informational meeting about the Recycouture class. It's going to be lots of fun! I can't wait! And I almost made a friend, in fact everyone thought that since we happened to walk in the door at the same time we must have come together. But alas, she's going to take the beginning sewing class.

Damn, I need a life! : p

I'm going to bring in the dress (pictured a couple posts down, half finished) that I made that needs some alterations. It's a drop waist and I learned, too late, those don't look great on me. So that's going to be my first project, redesigning that into a regular waisted dress. I also have a sweatshirt I made for a now ex-bf that I chickened out of giving. I LOVE the painting but of course the hoodie is way too big for me. What else should I bring in? Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be things out of my closet....

*excited* and ready for more ice.


Beth in the Fake Plastic Fish Tank said...

Ech! I hate vicodin. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Just drink plenty of water and eat fiber. That's all I'm sayin'. Hope you feel better soon.

nichole said...

Thanks for the heads up on the vicodin! I tell you what...these muscle relaxers make me so lovey! I just want to hug and tell everyone how fantastic they are and/or snuggle up to sleep.

I"m going to my sewing class in two hours, I hope I can focus.