Monday, August 06, 2007

and I ran...I ran so far away...

So my dear, sweet, and true friend, Jenny, has suggested I run the St. Paddy's Day Dash with her. I tentatively agreed. You see, for some reason I can do aerobics, I can eliptical, I can ride a stationary bike...but I can't run. I especially can't run outside.

Today I got on the treadmill. I think it's a dnyamo...although I just looked that up and maybe it's not. I know the elipitcals run on human power at least. Look people, I'm just trying to relate this post to my conservation focused blog, ok?

Anyway, I walked two minutes and then jogged five or six for about 32 minutes. Only made 2.77 miles. A little short of the 3.1 miles of the dash. But i guess that's why we're training early! The next step, of course, will be to see if I can run outside. Why is it so different? Maybe once I'm running the full 3 miles w/o walking I'll take my skills to Greenlake.

And now I'm ravenous! I can't stop eating! damn exercise.


Jenny said...

Woo Hoo!!! I'm only running 1.5 miles outside right now, so we're probably at about the same place. This will be so fun (and if fun is the wrong word to describe it, well, at least we are in it together).

kat said...

Incredible - I'm just like you.
I can walk miles and miles and never get tired, I can stretch my body like chewing gum, I love badminton and aerobics too- but I can't run.
It's a mystery.
I wish I had a friend to encourage me... : ]

nichole said...

I'm really excited! Hopefully, I'll still be excited come March!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nichole. Would you mind some advice from someone who started running over a year ago and went through all kinds of injuries in the learning process?

1) I recommend the book, Chi Running, by Danny Dreyer. He will teach you a technique that will help you run faster with less stress on your joints. It really helps.

2) Start out with really short segments of running between walking and don't increase the running time too fast. Running is completely different from walking and your joints, bones, muscles will need time to get used to it.

3) If you have a specialty running store near you, you might want to go and have your stride analyzed so that you can get the right shoes. The right shoes make all the difference. (I went through 4 different pairs before I found the right ones for me, but my feet are flat and pretty weird.)

Running is great fun if you start out easy and don't push your body before it's ready. I had to learn the hard way. (I kept a blog of my ups and downs at

Good luck!