Tuesday, February 09, 2010

High school

The district I sub in most often is a half hour north of me. There's only one school I won't go back to because the kids are really good in every school I've been to except that one. Ok, that might be kind of a lie. There's the school I'm too embarrassed to go back to because I cried in front of everybody. I guess that makes two I won't go to.

I sub regularly for a high school physics, chemistry and algebra teacher. I have no idea why he requests me. I met him once while subbing for another teacher and he's requested me ever since even though I have never taken physics and can't remember chemistry. Algebra is fun and great but those two classes of his don't especially like me; they're mostly freshman.

Last week he asked if I would be available the 8th and 11th. I told him I would be and was surprised but pleased to be requested for the entire week. This morning I got up at 6 am, drove up there, signed in and met him in the classroom which is usual for us. What was unusual was the surprised look he gave me. There was a typo and he didn't actually need me all week after all.

I drove home in traffic since I was driving towards the city. That took twice as long as getting up there. When I got home I started to get calls for other jobs. One I would've loved: doing office work in HR! But it was starting in 15 minutes and I had already driven an hour and a half this morning.

Now I'm snuggled up in bed and not making any money.

I think I'll knit.


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