Sunday, December 20, 2009

Subbing ...

is sucking my will to live.

Picture it, sixth period, language arts block. Nerdy strawberry blonde girl tells me that the boy behind her will be yelling some things out. I wasn't sure if she was warning me that he has Tourettes or what. First thing he did when he got there was yell something in that stupid half cough way. Finally she leaned in and said, "what he is saying is 'flaming bush.'" Oh I got pissed. And I should have banished him out of my sight and into the principal's office for sexual harassment but I didn't. Especially since that kid was an asshole for two periods. He and his friend followed the girl and her friend around the library tormenting them. So I followed the boys.

I'm the sub who leaves detailed notes about every misbehavior I had to deal with. Some of it, I feel, is tattling but I also think that there might be some behavior the teachers are watching and they would appreciate the documentation. And, I hope, that when that teacher finds out about the sexual harassment going on in her classroom, she'll do something much more drastic than I'd be able to do.

Earlier in that day I had a young man wearing a pink shirt. Two other boys decided it was ok to ask him if he was gay because of the shirt color. One decided that no, if he were gay he'd be wearing a rainbow shirt. Piss me off why don't you! And what could I do? Oh yeah, give them Steps. Remember the Make Your Day schools? This is one of them. Does not work.

So...I have an interview in Colorado to work as a field instructor at an outdoor school. Full time and permanent...the two reasons I got out of environmental ed was because those are so hard to find. I don't know, I might not want to move. And they might not want me. But I hate subbing and I'm wanting to be a classroom teacher less and less.


hxr said...
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OKP said...

You are the kind of substitute I love to have. The one who tells me everything that marked your day so that I can follow up. Don't be reluctant to write kids up for their wrongs; I'll support you every time.

Best of luck with the job hunt.