Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally some recognition!

All year I've been waiting for a call to go to a school I enjoyed visiting when I gave watershed programs. The teachers there had asked me if I could sub, but at that time it was voerboden.

Wednesday, I finally got a call to go there and the fourth/fifth grade teachers recognized me! They were happy to see me. I was only there for a half day while they discussed the current math curriculum and the new state test and standards and the mess that's been created. Before the teacher had even come back, seen how the class was reacting to me or that I had done anything she asked, she was already pimping me out to another teacher.

Today, I was filling in for the technology teacher and I stopped by and handed out some cards. One teacher and I were discussing the current lack of teaching jobs and such. I mentioned that I'm not an outgoing charmer like some and so pushing into the field is more difficult.

She said, "you're like my kids, quiet, confident and competent..." yay! Then she went on to say, "I've seen far too often those people who dazzle the interviewers and then when it comes down to it they can't perform."

Amen, lady!

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