Saturday, September 12, 2009

IronGirl 5k

I'm not convinced this was a full 5k but I ran the whole thing. 34:07 not my best time but I haven't run since April, save once this past week. As usual I was in the middle of the pack. I beat the speed walker I was having trouble passing but a woman finished the 10k before I finished the 5k. Cuh-razy.

This race was super fun. All women. All pink. Our free shirts are wicking, pink, fitted for women and have flowers on them. The food at the finish was yogurt with fruit and granola and muffins. We all got participant medals.

5ks are starting to feel short. 10k in my future?

1 comment:

Natasha, Phil, Alex & Zachary said...

she ran a 10k in 34 minutes?!?! That ain't right.

But good job to you! YAY!