Friday, September 25, 2009

First sub job

and I feel like I was subpar. I thought second grade would be a nice way to ease myself into the whole thing. They didn't listen. They didn't follow directions. I would use their teacher's attention getter of clapping, which I hate, btw, and they would be quiet to clap and then start talking again. I tried standing there and waiting. I tried other attention getters. When they wouldn't listen to each other answer questions, I tried group answers. Half of them would answer. Who knows what the other half were doing.

I snatched something out of a kid's hands by the end of the day. They were learning about coins and while I was talking he was shaking his coin bag all around making so much noise. This was after countless attempts of getting attention. I looked at him, he continued to shake it and I grabbed it. Oh not a shining moment.

What else happened today? Girls pushing each other. Cutting. Wandering around the room. Tapping me on the butt to get my attention while I was talking to another student. I'm pretty sure a good percentage of the students were in the bathroom half the day.

And it was early dismissal. thank god.

So...I've learned how important it is to set expectations before getting to the lesson plans. The lesson plans I had weren't even that helpful anyway. But, that's what I'll work on: setting lesson plans.

Next up, middle school.

Where's my sugar daddy?

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