Thursday, February 26, 2009


I either want to 1. start this week over or 2. finish it quick!  I am cranky and everything just seems to be going wrong.  

For example, today, an 1.5" of snow on the ground.  All the districts in the area are cancelled or late arrival due to it except the district I'm going to.  Yay, I need the money...Boo, I can already tell today is going to suck.

But I left early because I know Pacific Northwesterners cannot drive in weather.  I get to the school.  I lug all my stuff around the maze of buildings avoiding stairs.  I slide and slip up the ramps to the portables.  My portable, locked.  Where the F is the teacher?  Thank goodness the custodian was there sanding the ramps and could let me in.  But of course, portables don't have water.  So I have to run down to the main buildings, sneak in a classroom and fill up my water bottles for my program.

I get back, students are settled.  I have everything sorted and set up and in place for my program.  I start talking, the students make the connection that I"m there to talk about water because Mrs. Bell talked about water too....wait, Mrs. Bell?  What did she say?  That means I brought in all the wrong equipment.  I'm supposed to do the OTHER program.  F*ck!  (no, I didn't say f*ck in front of the students).  

I start throwing things back into the bins and telling the students what we're REALLY going to talk about.  Teacher gives me two students to run down to my car with me.  I left the other equipment so as not to slow us down more.  We come back...the model drags snow all into the classroom.  I reset up.  

The teacher acted flexible, but I could tell she was NOT amused.

Second program.  This portable was jammed packed. I could barely get in there.  And was there a table for me to set up?  Noooo.  And there was a sub.  A sub with whom I used to work at the zoo.  Very difficult person to work with.  ANDDD...she applied for the job I had there and I got it instead of her.  Ran into her the other day at my student teaching school too.  She didn't remember me then..and she didn't remember me today.  She asked me how it was doing the same thing over and over again and I said, "not much different than doing [my old zoo job]," and there was no recognition.

Third and fourth programs went better but good lord I just want to curl up in bed.  I should go to class.  I skipped math last is even more boring than math though.

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