Saturday, February 21, 2009


The neighbor girls are running up and down the street.  They're making that screeching scream thing girls do when they're not really scared but still have that adrenaline pumping.  I LOVE it!

These particular girls live in the apartment building right next to mine.  In fact, I think our bedroom windows exactly face each other. Our apartments are not large, and I cannot imagine raising a family in them.  At night, in the summer when the windows are open, I can hear the family rattling on in Spanish.  They laugh so hard I wish I could understand them.

It makes me happy to know that the girls are running around outside and taking advantage of such a beautiful day.  


Natasha, Phil, Alex & Zach said...

do you remember our old neighbor Paul? He told dad to tell me to stop screeching like that!

novemberjuliet said...

Paul did?! Did he think you were in actual trouble? I can't picture him being crotchety. Maybe it's something with that house since Terry sound proofed his bedroom when he moved in. Or it's a man thing.