Sunday, October 26, 2008

busy weekend

I really want to sew, but before I can I need to clean my room. Roommate is out of town so I cleaned the living room to perfection. Even rearranged. I wish I had done this before Kat came. I would have been far less embarrassed of our Apt. I also got on my hands and knees and scrubbed out the stains everywhere on the carpet.

So now I'm cleaning my bedroom. Hoping for the same dramatic change. It's a little harder because my bedroom has to be my sleeping and dressing quarters, my office, my sewing/craft room and my piano room.

I'm about to box up my books that I love and want to keep, but haven't had time to use in the past year or two. That'll free up a lot of space for my school books that I AM currently using. Hopefully, when I'm a teacher those books will find their way to my classroom and get out of my hair here.

well, back to the grind!

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Natasha, Phil, Alex & Zach said...

Be sure to make a list of what books are in what box. A pain now, but so helpful later! Happy Cleaning!