Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer quarter DONE!

I can't even explain how hard this quarter was. I don't think it was necessarily the classes themselves, but just going to school in the summer. The last few days have been grey and raining which has actually motivated me to go to class. Today, however, I came straight home after work, I'm watching Oprah and I haven't a care in the world! I even turned in my math final last night and found out today I got 60/60!

Two more quarters of classes followed by student teaching and then I"m DONE!


Natasha, Phil, Alex & Zach said...

woo hoo!
now you can sew!

Melissa B. said...

Yay for You! Isn't it a GREAT feeling?

kat said...

Congratulations !

How are you ? I haven't had news for quite a long time... :[

(= answer my email ! answer my email !)

Melissa B. said...

BTW, don't forget it's Sunday, and you know what THAT means--S4 is underway today!