Friday, June 06, 2008

a salute to awesome crunchiness

Crunchy Chicken (known to some as Deanna) is a pillar in the online green blog community. Not only is she a fellow Ballardite, but she has challenged us all to make greener choices in our lives.

Have you seen those ads on tv for Always that tell you to buy their product and in exchange they will donate disposable feminine hygiene products to Africa so young girls can go to school? yay for school, boo for disposable...and in an area that does not have sufficient places to dispose of them!

Deanna jumped on this issue faster than a cheetah in heat. She created the Goods for Girls program which donates reusuable cloth pads to villages in Africa. Check it out, it's pretty amazing and if you can, please donate! There is a handy little button to a paypal account.

If you do donate, let me know. We're trying to raise 5,000 for Crunchy's fund so we'd like to keep tabs. : )

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